Top 10 Water Purifier Brands in Bangladesh

top water purifier brands in bangladesh

Drinking pure water that is free of color and odor can enhance your health and quality of life. Water purification is the only technique to remove toxic substances from water and cleanse it. Pure water is naturally free from chlorine, fluoride, lead, and other chemicals. It contains minerals, and trace amounts of iodine, and is colorless.

Water is an essential element for living beings. Water is another name for life. All creatures require water to survive. And there is no substitute for pure water when it comes to keeping your health. There are several techniques for cleaning water.

The process of removing dangerous chemicals, biological pollutants, suspended particles, and gasses from water is known as water purification. The goal is to create water that may be utilized for a variety of applications. Although most water is purified and sterilized for human consumption (drinking water), it can also be used for medical, pharmaceutical, chemical, and industrial purposes.

Water has been purified in a number of ways throughout history. Filtration, sedimentation, and distillation are all physical methods for purifying water. Slow sand filters and biologically active carbon are examples of biological processes. Chemical processes such as flocculation and chlorination are examples of chemical processes, while ultraviolet light is an example of electromagnetic radiation.

Drinking fresh water is essential, but in this day and age, getting pure drinking water is challenging. So, while every human being requires a water purifier in their house, selecting the proper purifier might be difficult in some circumstances. Every day, new water purification technologies are introduced by various firms. As a result, picking one is difficult. In this article, you will get to know about the top 10 water purifier brands in Bangladesh which is a must-have items for your home.

Top 10 Water Purifiers

From research, these are the brands that can actually provide you with safe water and also will prevent any waterborne disease.

1. Heron Water Purifier

heron water purifier

Heron’s main objective is to improve the living circumstances of its Bangladeshi customers by providing them with access to clean, safe water. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, environmentally safe materials, and almost any water pollution problem, they guarantee and produce the best water filtration devices available.

Heron Water Filter produces a new range of stylish and practical water filters using reverse osmosis technology in its own models. There are several different types of Heron filters. Four-stage, five-stage, six-stage, six-stage, and six-stage Heron filters are available. This form of filter may be found in homes, businesses, and even commercial structures.

2. Kent Water Purifier

kent water purifier

KENT Bangladesh, the House of Purity, the most widely recognized brand in healthcare and home appliances, offers you innovative solutions to protect your family from waterborne illnesses. It is one of the best water purifiers under 15,000 thanks to its multi-purification process, which allows for comprehensive treatment and sanitation of tap, brackish, and corporation water.

This water filtration system not only consistently provides mineral-rich water, but also ensures that no water is lost. Additionally, you can be sure that there will always be clean water available to drink even when there is no electricity thanks to the 8-liter storage capacity and 20-liter per hour purification capacity of this device.

3. Lan Shan water purifier

lanshan water purifier

Lan Shan is a reverse osmosis technology company from Taiwan. They manufacture top-notch water purifiers, filters, and other purification equipment. They are a well-known business with a presence all over the world. Lan Shan water purifiers are available at The Water Shop BD.

Reverse osmosis systems, water purifiers, water fountains, commercial and industrial reverse osmosis equipment, as well as replacement parts and accessories, are all produced by them. The business has created a variety of water filter types for various applications. Each uses the latest advanced purifying technology. By using this filter, up to 95% of particles and 99% of germs may be removed.

4. Walton Water Purifier

Walton WWP-RO12L offers reverse osmosis technology which eliminates dust, bacteria, odor, dissolved solids, and suspending particles from water. Also, there is a pH and chlorine control feature with it. This filter purifies the water in 5 stages and also holds about 12 liters of water. The price is pretty cheap, which is tk 9000 only.

5. Pureit water purifier

Pureit is also another trusted brand in Bangladesh. The purest Marvella RO+UV+MF is the swift water purifier from Unilever. One of its great features is that it can filter 20 liters per hour.

This filter works through 7-stage filtration and guarantees safe water which is safer than boiled water. And it eliminates any kind of dissolved solids and makes the water palatable. Just because it does this much stuff for you, it costs around tk 21,500.

6. Aqua water purifier

aqua water purifier

Aqua-Pro water filters are the best when it comes to using filters to remove pollutants from water. Reverse osmosis and aqua filters may drastically decrease water pollutants and harmful microbes.

Aqua Pro is among the top Bangladeshi reverse osmosis water purifiers. It contains a three-stage water filtration system with stages 5, 6, and 6.

Aqua Pura RO 5 stage Water purifier insists on 100% purification. Besides the water keeps necessary minerals through TDS control. CG water purifier eradicates all dissolved chemicals, heavy metals, and arsenic present in water utilized automatically.

5 stage purification confirms that the water does not have any kind of odors, algae, dirt, dyes, chemicals, sand, arsenic, chlorine, or any kind of bacteria or virus. This filter costs tk 18,500.

7. Puricom water purifier

puricom water purifier

Puricom filters are divided into a number of groups according to the type of work they do. There are several solutions available, including RO Systems, Zero Installation Purifiers, Water Purifiers, Direct Flow RO Systems, Smart Water Systems, Water Dispensers, Commercial and Industrial RO Systems, and Water Softeners. There are water filters of each of these varieties available. As required, one may assemble.

Puricom is one of the best brands which has improvised RO technology. Puricom CE-7 is one of the 5 stage reverse osmosis system machines in Bangladesh.

This has a capacity of 50 gallons. It is also an adaptable reverse osmosis system. It has a filter membrane, airtight protection, and also increases nature’s flavor. You can set it up in-wall or under counter as per your convenience.

The six-stage reverse osmosis system Puricom CE-6 is available in Bangladesh’s water filtration market. A gorgeous white reverse osmosis system with a 75-gallon capacity is the reverse osmosis system. It enhances the natural flavor, has a filter barrier, and offers airtight protection.

8. Top Klean water purifier

top klean water purifier

Top Klean water purifiers are designed in the US, but Taiwan is where all of the parts are made. Reverse osmosis is the most modern and effective type of water filtration utilized by filters.

The Top Klean water purifier is one of the best since it provides an endless supply of clean water. Top Klean, a provider of water purification products, was established in China.

They are highly renowned for the superior water filters and purifiers they manufacture. They provide excellent customer service. Top Klean has built a loyal client base by maintaining its quality. They are known for often launching new items.

9. Sanaki water purifier

sanaky water purifier

Sanaki Water Purifiers purify water using a process called reverse osmosis. Sanaki’s S-2 filter is one of their models. A six-step filtering process is used by the Sanaki S-2 filter to clean the water. Every filter in this type contains a reserve tank for pure water.

In the Bangladeshi RO market recently, Sanaky has performed well. The Sanaky Lotus Cabinet RO water purifier is an attractive and practical RO water purifier that can supply higher-quality drinking water to fulfill everyday demands.

Due to the purifier’s 100 GPD capacity, 11–15 people may use it comfortably. The budget-class purifier could be the finest solution for usage at home or at the office.

10. Karofi water purifier

Equipment for purifying water by Karofi is produced using cutting-edge technology. However, the bulk of its gadgets has a stand-like design.

These are elegant, and the automated water storage tank is NSF-approved. A Karofi filter may be purchased for 11,000 takas.

In the RO market, Karofi is a well-known name brand. A High-quality RO system, the Karofi Box 7 Stage water purifier, may be mounted on a wall or placed on a desk. The water purifier from Karofi box 7 Stage 100GPD BD may provide water that is incredibly pure.

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Things to Remember When Buying a Water Filter

things to remember when buying a water filter

A high-quality water filter is critical for filtering and maintaining the quality of your water. Many people, on the other hand, have no clue what a good water filter is.

As a result, they find up purchasing low-quality goods and in most cases, it doesn’t even work properly.

So here are a few steps you need to remember when buying a water filter-

1. Filter Type

There are several models of filters that promise to effectively filter water in today’s market. The most common and least costly varieties are carbon filters that classify lead, chlorine, and mercury.

If you want a higher-quality filter, you may connect your home water supply to an automatic filtering system. There are several varieties of water filters available today, but these are the most often used-

  •  Sediment Filters

Sand, silt, and rust are examples of the bigger dirt and dust particles that sediment filters are intended to remove. The most typical application for this kind of water filter is as a pre-filter for well water. A sediment pre-filter can prolong the life and prevent damage to the following stage of filtration.

  • Reverse osmosis filter

A reverse osmosis filter is typically regarded as the best solution for extremely polluted water. No filter, however, can guarantee complete purification. The good news is that reverse osmosis ensures maximal filtration. Some even claim to be completely pure. These sorts of filters are more expensive.

  • Activated carbon filters

The most typical application of AC filtering is to eliminate chlorine tastes from tap water. Additionally, it may be used to get rid of pesticides, herbicides, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), heavy metals like lead and arsenic, and much more. Because AC is porous, pollutants are effectively captured by it. An average water filter of this sort lasts between six and twelve months.

  • Distillation

Another technique for cleaning water is distillation, which may get rid of germs and the most dangerous pollutants. It’s the only technique to completely get rid of bacteria, herbicides, pesticides, nitrates/nitrites, lead, arsenic, lead, coliform, and other contaminants.

  • Ultraviolet light filters

UV light filters remove bacteria and germs in water that are not apparent to the bare eye. This filter also allows you to drink distilled water while keeping the chemicals in the filter from mingling.

  • Ultra-filtration water filtration

Ultrafiltration, or UF, works by separating water from other particles in the water using hollow fibers in a membrane made up of a thin layer of material when bacteria and viruses stick to the UF membrane as water flows across it, they are captured and retained.

2. Carbon Filter might not be the Only Solution

A carbon filter is not the ideal option if you want to drink the purest water available. This sort of filter may not be capable of removing all germs or dust, Arsenic, hexavalent chromium, and other heavy metals. As a result, experts always recommend using a reverse osmosis filter.

3. Checking The Water Quality

You should determine the source of your tap water and get it tested for hardness, salinity, and TDS (Total Dissolved Solids). Based on the TDS level, you can choose the right kind of water purifier for your home.


Water purifiers are essential in Bangladesh because there is a shortage of clean drinking water. For this reason,  you should select your water filter carefully based on your needs. After reviewing the features of some of the finest water purifiers for the house, the next step is to purchase one.

If you want a water filter but your budget is limited, Water Shop BD has a variety of water filters that will match your needs. You may immediately enjoy the benefits of modern water purifiers without breaking the bank. You can take up a credit line and pay in installments over a certain length of time. If you want to learn more about these water purifier brands, you can do so by reading our other blog posts or contacting us personally.

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