Top 10 Water Filter Price in Bangladesh

top water filter price in Bangladesh

Water is one of the most important resources in the world, covering 71% of the Earth’s surface. However, drinking water is scarce, and naturally purifying water is quite challenging. This explains why water filters are so popular in the worldwide market.

Water is important for a huge number of uses including agriculture, science, medicine, transportation, heating, recreation, food processing as well as washing, and perhaps most important of all drinking.

For every single one of us humans, drinking water comes from a treated supply that is safe to drink but will often have unpleasant tastes and odors from chemicals such as chlorine which are used to disinfect the water and keep it free of germs, bacteria, impurities, and contaminants.

This is where the heroic role of water filters comes into play, Water Filters remove harmful impurities from water such as sediment, taste and odor, hardness, and bacteria to result in better quality water. Water purification takes place on small and large scales, and water filtering can give us clean and potable water for commercial and industrial applications, also for individual households to many different residents.

The filtration procedure decreases the concentration and number of contaminants such as suspended particles, parasites, bacteria, algae, viruses, and fungi. Using one of the best water filters within your home is a little improvement that will unlock a whole new world of pure water quality for you. Refreshing and more sustainable than single-use plastic, purified water from a water filter is economical and luxurious, all at the same time.

The best water filters come in various forms, with some that can be installed on your faucets, so that filtration is occurring straight from where the water is coming from and gets rid of impurities such as lead, chlorine, microplastics, and more.

Identifying and buying the best water filter for yourself is important to have a more satisfying experience as you hydrate. Here, you’ll find a thorough explanation of the Top 10 Best Water Filters in Bangladesh.

Top 10 Water Filter Price in Bangladesh

Bangladesh suffers from a scarcity of clean water. Waterborne infections frequently cause harm to children. Water filters are a necessity for a country like Bangladesh. In recent years, several water purifier brands have established themselves in Bangladesh. The relevant information about the top ten water filters in Bangladesh is provided below-

1. Heron Queen Hot-Cool RO Purifier and Filter


Heron Queen Hot-Cool RO purifier and filter is the most up-to-date water purifier of the Heron brand. It will give you hot and normal pure water. It will not only purify your dirty water but also catch and inspect the TDS level after filtration. When the machine will work, it will take a backwash, which will amplify the longevity of the reverse osmosis water filtering technology.

It has five filtration stages, which will ensure you 100% safe drinkable water.


Capacity75GPD (12LPH)
TechnologyReverse Osmosis (RO)
Hot Water1.5 liters
Normal Water8 liters
Dimens40 X 43 X 57 CM
Price18,900 BDT

2. Five-Stage Aqua Pro RO Water Filter


Aqua Pro is a famous and highly recognized RO Water Purifier Brand in Bangladesh. While contaminated water is a major reason for many infectious diseases, it also has an influence on health through the spread of organic and inorganic chemicals that are harmful to health, which is also generally found in drinking water. Aqua Pro APRO 501 water filter is capable of getting rid of all these chemicals to provide you with safe and pure drinking water.


BrandAqua Pro.501
TechnologyReverse Osmosis
Delivery15 Liters Per Hour
Capacity50 / 75 GPD
Dimension28 X 34 X 46 cm
Capacity3.2G Pressure Tank.
Filtration StageFIVE (5)
1st Stage5 Micron Sediment (PP)
Reserve Capacity3.2G Pressure Tank ( 3.2GL METAL TANK )
PriceBDT 7500

3. 5 Stages Top Klean UV Water Purifier and Filter


If you have noticeable impurities, bacteria, viruses, or bad odors in your water then you can use this filter in your house, hotel, or restaurant. TopKlean brand built a perfect UV water filter at a reasonably affordable price.

It will purify water by using water pressure. It can be hung on your wall or you can set it under your kitchen sink. It will purify your water in 5 different stages.

First, three filters are 10’’ long and 2.5inc. width. The fourth stage has a post-carbon filter. The last stage contains the Ultra Violet which has a 6wat UV light. It will get rid of mud, dirt, sand, and bad odor and it will kill bacteria and viruses in your water. It will make your water useable.


Model No TPWP-UV505
Capacity1 GPM
TechnologyUltra Violet
Power of UV6 Wat
PriceBDT 5500

4. 5 Stages Fluxtek RO Purifier


Fluxtek FE-116 water filter, has a power-saving booster pump, automatic functions, long life, and high performance, and excellent build quality. It can have an output of hygienic and good-tasting water just at your fingertips. It is easy maintenance, attractive; neat & clean, and white-baked-painted on an iron frame.


Product Warranty1 Year
Made in Taiwan
Purification Stage:5 Stage
Family Usable:1-10 Persons
RO Element: Membrane (USA Technology)
Reserve Tank Capacity: 15 Liters (MAX)
Production Capacity: 15.75(±) Liters per Hour
Price BDT 16,500



Eureka Pearl Hot Normal RO Purifier and filter are ahead of everyone in innovative creations. It will purify water through seven separate filters. The production capability of this water filter is 288 liters per day.

It has a sturdy transparent front cover which is made of ABS-grade plastic. It has a 10 liters storage capacity. In the case of load-shedding, which is very common in Bangladesh, you will be able to drink from this reservoir. It’s a wall-mounted water purifier. Every drop of water is 100% pure.


Brand: EurekaEureka
Capacity75GPD (12LPH)
Reserve Capacity3.2 G Pressure Tank
TechnologyReverse Osmosis (RO)
Country of TechnologyUSA
Hot Water1.5 liters
Normal Water8 liters
PriceBDT 19,780

6. 4 Stage NSAC Water Purifier


The 4-stage NSAC Water Purifier uses a reverse osmosis filtration system and is a high-volume water purification system designed specifically for water supplies with low or inconsistent water pressure.

The 4-stage NSAC water purifier is suitable for any home. The high water production rate makes the filter ideal for commercial and industrial applications that require a continuous flow and supply of purified water. These industries include laboratories, hydroponics, optical grinding, and dental offices.


BrandLan Shan.
Filtration StageFour.
Dimension13 X 40 X 40 CM.
PriceBDT 8,200

7. Pureit Mineral Ultima RO+UV+MF


Unilever Pureit Mineral Ultima RO + UV is provided with advanced technology that digitally shows you, how your drinking water is free of impurities, bacteria, algae, fungi, and other chemicals. Senses water quality up to 5000 times a second to show how pure your water is with a bonus of a modern and stylish design and lighting.


Purified Water Flow Rate (Average)Approximately 12 -15 Litre per hour
Membrane TypeThin film composite spiral wound
Pump TypeDiaphragm pump 24V DC
% RecoveryTypically, 25%
TDS Reduction90% (Min)
Power Rating60 Watts
Pressure Rating10–30 PSI
Operating Voltage100–240 Va.c 50/60 Hz (100–300 Va.c 50/60 Hz)
Material of ConstructionFood-grade, non-toxic, engineering-grade plastics
Length of Power Adapter1.5 meters
Total Dissolved SolidsUp to 2000 mg/lit
Total Hardness500 mg/lit (max)
Iron in Input Water0.3 mg/lit (max)
Turbidity of Input Water1 NTU (Max)
PriceBDT 31,500

8. Kent Maxx UV Water Purifier


This filter is the only UV water purifier with a detachable storage tank that provides double purification first by UV and second by the fiber UF membrane. This purifier is made for wall-mounting and is the most ideal for tap/municipal water supply and domestic purposes.

It is great for wall mounting or tabletop installation, providing users with a choice to install it as per their desire. It has a transparent and separable storage tank, which ensures easy on-site cleaning. The tank can be easily removed and cleaned without the help of an expert. Additionally, the transparent tank makes the purifier visually attractive.


Removal Capabilities:Up to 99.95% waterborne cysts – Cryptosporidium & Giardia Cyst
Micron Rating0.1 micron
UV WATER PURIFIER WITH STORAGE TANKstorage capacity of 7 liters.
PriceBDT 18,000

9. BlackBerry RO+UV+TDS+UF & 8-Stage BiO Alkaline Mineral Water Purifier


BlackBerry RO+UV+TDS+UF & 8-Stage BiO Alkaline Mineral Water Purifier is a water purification machine that is able to supply the best-purified water to its customers. BlackBerry RO+UV+TDS+UF & 8-Stage BiO Alkaline Mineral Water Purifier is made with the most advanced modern technology.

It contains technologies such as reverse osmosis (RO) technology, UV, Alkaline, TDS, and MF filtering. An excellent alkaline water filter does its job perfectly by filtering out microplastics, chlorine, heavy metals, bacteria, and chemicals but retaining important natural electrolytes, turning your drinking water into alkaline mineral water that hydrates you quickly, efficiently, and effectively.


8-Stage [RO + UV + TDS + UF + Alkaline (A-A-A Filter) + Mineral]
Purification Capacity
Up to 20 Ltr* /Hr
Max. Duty Cycle
300 Liters / Day
Storage Tank Capacity
12-15 Liters
Filter Cartridges
Sediment, Activated Carbon
Ro Membrane
1812-100 GDP ( Technology USA)
TDS Adjustable
Total Device of Solid Adjustable
UV Lamp Power- 11 W
Input Voltage- 160 – 300 V AC (50 Hz)
Price- BDT 22,000



The filter gets rid of and prevents chlorine, and bacterial contaminants from the water and provides safe, clean, and tasteful drinking water. The Reverse Osmosis system processes the water in order to make it extra secure to consume, tastier, and more hydrating as well.


Model NoSanaky Lotus-BE
Normal water3.2 G Plasteel pressure tank
Filtration stageSix
Capacity100 GPD
TechnologyMineral RO
Adaptor1.5 MPR
PriceBDT 21,500

Top 3 Picks

1. Heron Queen Hot-Cool RO Purifier

 Heron Queen Hot-Cool RO Purifier

The Heron Queen Hot-Cool R0 Purifier/Filter is one of our top picks for a very specific reason, which is- the BEST TECHNOLOGY for a CHEAP price. Good water filters use top-notch advanced technology to purify the water that you drink, even if you may think that water can be cleaned easily, the water has to meticulously go through different stages for it to be completely pure of toxic substances.

The Heron Queen Hot-Cool R0 Purifier does exactly that, and perfectly as well. With its scarlet reddish glossy finish for its appearance, this beautiful filter shows a simplistic user-friendly display, too, in a luxuriously modern way.

Not only will it catch everybody’s eye but also can be used by anybody, even by children. It is structured and built with dull-rounded edges and can also be mounted on your wall for a fancier look. You can set your water temperature and control the water to your heart’s content without even needing a manual.

It purifies your water crystal clear and ensures you and your family stay safe from various illnesses.


Eureka Pearl Hot RO Water Filter

This extremely affordable and sustainable water purifier is in our top three not only because of its impeccable study design but also because it uses a new technology of water purifying known as RO or Reverse Osmosis.

What is so special about it? Well, Reverse osmosis removes contaminants and other unwanted substances from your glass of water in a quick way by just using the force of your water molecules through a semi-permeable membrane.

In other words, it gets rid of toxins and impurities in a naturally subtle way without the water having to go through many stages to become completely clean.

The Eureka Pearl Hot RO Water Filter is not only efficient and effective in its work on the inside but also looks and feels elegant to the touch. It comes in various different colors including Granite Black, Deep Emerald, Pearl White- which we have used, and Red. Out of all the purifiers listed above, this had the most sustainable use and lifespan, for over 10 years without even any maintenance.

This is a sturdy and adept filter having a huge water storage capacity, which means you will not need to refill its tanks for a long time, one refill lasts up to three weeks.

3. Unilever Pureit Mineral Ultima RO+UV+MF

Unilever Pureit Mineral Ultima RO+UV+MF

We know you’ve heard of this during its sudden rise in popularity in 2008, but it still upholds its huge appeal and recognition today. We have included this filter in our favorite top picks not only for its fame but also because it uses the most methods of high technological purifying stages out of all the ones we have mentioned above.

This filter exhibits the rare star combination of an RO and Ultra Violet protection. This is by the most thorough purification process of all the filters we’ve picked in our top picks.

This filter is also the best to have if you specifically want it to blend in with your interior design. Because of its shiny black and blue galaxy aesthetic, this filter is owned and known by almost everyone.

The filter is extremely low maintenance and the website which sells the filter offer free installation you’re also free of service charges for at least two years, even with the repairs and maintenance it is usable by anybody of any status of financial stability.

Importance of Water Filters in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a country filled with rich flowing rivers which makes it easier for us to get more than a sufficient supply of water, however, a huge supply of water does not mean that it does not contain bacteria, fungal substances even organisms capable of causing critically harmful diseases.

Evident statistics show that two out of five households, that is 38.3 percent of the population, in Bangladesh drink water from sources already intoxicated with disease-brewing bacteria and viruses.

Moreover, because of the poor hygiene practices in households, the number of people drinking water with microbial contamination jumped to a staggering 99 million, as well as cases of illnesses caused by them in recent years.

It was sampled that E. coli bacteria was present in 80 percent of private piped-water taps sampled across the country, the same rate as water taken from ponds. Which is one of the first and most crucial reasons why it is highly important to prioritize water filtration for you, your family, and your friends.

Other than this serious topic, water filters are effective because of their provision of incessant variations of technologically advanced methods of water filtering that quietly and surely remove all kinds of impurities that we may not even be aware of.

Buying Guide for Water Filter

Buying Guide for Water Filter

You need to investigate, inquire and analyze two things for yourself to be able to buy a perfectly functioning water filter.

It’s best to consider all the needed factors when making a decision on which water filter will work best for you. First to consider is the performance.

How well and effectively does the filter work? What percentage, proportion, and portion of harmful chemicals and particles does it remove?

Does it add any chemical substances back to the water to boost its quality? The second thing to note is the maintenance and cost involved. How often will you have to change the filters? Are there any other additional materials or components that need attention on a regular basis to gain safe drinking water?

Once you are done evaluating these questions and exploring your possible options, you should have some chosen options in mind. It is always recommended to buy a water filter by physically going to a store rather than ordering online.

Thus, if you do end up going to the store, pick your chosen options if they’re available based on your budget and ask the salesperson to demonstrate how they work and drink the water they have produced.

Before they pack your finally chosen product, be very sure to check for defects, scratches, or flaws in functionality before your very own water filter is packed and ready to inhibit in your house.


Water filters are underrated since most people are unaware of how vital they are for a healthier life. We gave you all the relevant information about the top 10 water purifier brands of Bangladesh and also the top 3 picks among them. This post was written simply to serve as the finest guide and resource for you and your decision to purchase a water filter that is ideal for you.  You may always get in touch with us if you have any queries.

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