Top 5 Second-Hand Furniture Website in Bangladesh

Top 5 Second Hand Furniture Website in Bangladesh

If you desire new furniture but don’t have the budget to purchase it, then used furniture can be your best choice. There are several second-hand furniture websites in Bangladesh that recycle goods by selling used furniture.

The market for previously owned furniture in Bangladesh targets a particular population, which includes entrepreneurs, students, bachelors, lower-income group members, and currently some interior-loving people who prefer to upcycle furniture.

Bangladesh now manufactures a wide variety of high-quality furniture that satisfies international requirements. As a result, now Bangladeshis prefer domestic furniture over imported furniture.

Over the last 50 years, the country’s furniture business has grown rapidly, with the establishment of over a hundred medium and large furniture enterprises.

In the modern furniture industry, reusing, recycling, or upcycling secondhand furniture is becoming increasingly popular. Buying used furniture in Bangladesh has always been an environmentally responsible way to recycle and reuse wood furniture.

Considering this, several online furniture website ventures have developed in recent years and seized most of the market through their online platform. Now, in this article, we will provide you an insight into five of the best second-hand furniture websites in Bangladesh, which are presently leading the furniture sector.

Top 5 Second-Hand Furniture Websites in Bangladesh

1. Furniture

furniture buy sell

Business Details:

Buying used furniture online may be risky. Finding someone reliable is difficult given the number of fraudsters operating online. As a result, Furniture promises complete client satisfaction. They make sure you obtain cost-effective pricing and you are getting high-quality furniture and materials.

Therefore, you can get your desired second-hand furniture from them online. They are a reputable platform that has gathered a lot of used or second-hand furniture in Bangladesh for online sales. If you’re searching the marketplace today for reasonably priced, high-quality used furniture, go no further than Furniture BuySell.

All types of furniture for your family’s needs are available at their shop according to your budget.

Many business owners, students, bachelors, people on a tight budget, and interior lovers looking to upcycle furniture prefer used furniture on the internet.

The major goal of Furniture BuySell is to offer clients fashionable, high-quality secondhand furniture at reasonable prices. The furnishing of a household completes it. Although basic furniture such as dining sets, couch sets, and television stands improve the appearance of a home, certain modern accessories make it look even more attractive.

Designing and furnishing a house with contemporary furniture is a good decision, however, sometimes it can be challenging to do it on a budget. Thus, they offer a large range of second-hand bedside tables, wardrobes, TV cabinets, sofas, reading tables, dining sets, dining tables, dressing tables, chairs, computer tables, and center tables at Furniture Buy Sell.

For the needs of contemporary households and workplaces, they present a variety of furniture advertisements. Therefore, you can now pick excellent secondhand furniture online at Furniture, get in touch with the vendor, and furnish your home tastefully for a low cost.

Furniture Buy Sell is aware that, in our already hectic lives, purchasing and selling furniture may be an unneeded headache. This is why their platform was created with the express intent of making the process simpler with a simple search, interaction capabilities, and an organized dashboard. Once you have found a buyer or seller for your furniture, they will even help you arrange transport.

Online transactions for buying and selling old furniture can result in fraud, difficult deliveries, unsettling strangers, and uncomfortable money transfers. That’s why Furniture Buy Sell was developed as an online platform where users can buy used furniture online or sell their own furniture.

They offer expert pick-up and delivery services in addition to a secure space to connect. You don’t have to worry about disassembly because their crew handles it.



Business Details: is a marketplace where nearly any type of second-hand furniture may be bought or sold. Use the location option to locate offers in your area, or browse the classifieds to have furniture delivered to you with complete buyer protection.

To start trading your things, create a free account. Posting an advertisement takes less than two minutes. For advice on writing effective advertising that sparks a lot of customer interest, you may select the option that states “how to sell fast”.

You can consider purchasing a membership if you have a lot of second-hand furniture to sell so you can take advantage of the extra perks. Their varied tools may also help your advertisement stand out from the competition. For additional information, see their ad promotions page.

3. Keeno


Business Details:

  • Website:
  • Location: H: 105, Road: 13/A, Block: C, Banani 1213 Dhaka, Dhaka Division, Bangladesh
  • Contact: 01886-644374

One of the biggest online marketplaces for buying and selling second-hand furniture in Bangladesh is called Keeno. It will offer its clients a strong base where they can buy second-hand furniture and sell used ones. Customers are able to quickly flip between their alternatives and will do so. The same is true for the vendor.

Keeno’s ability to provide items to customers based on their location makes it stand out from the competition. If they are in the closest zone, Keeno will send them a notification if any buyer or seller wishes to buy or sell certain goods. Keeno will also collect online payments and send the excess to the trader.



Business Details:

Online store has a distinctive collection of elegant, modern, and fashionable furniture. They provide a wide variety of furniture online, including couches, beds, dining tables, TV stands, closets, and dressing tables.

On, you may purchase any of their wooden furniture designs. They begin started their business back in 2012. They are Bangladesh’s first and leading furniture internet retailer.

Furniture Bari provides a distinctive range of modern, trendy, and fashionable furniture online. Sofas, mattresses, dining tables, TV units, closets, dressing tables, restaurant furniture, office furniture, and much more are all available in our digital furniture catalog.

They aim to satisfy customers with their varied collection of second-hand furniture which provides quality at the right price and helps to deliver them at the accurate time.



Business Details:

  • Website:
  • Location: Delta Dahlia Tower (Level 06), 36 Kemal Ataturk Avenue, Banani, Dhaka – 1213
  • Contact: 01404452514

SWAP is also one of the prominent e-commerce and re-commerce platform in Bangladesh where users can buy anything through customized orders as well as sell their extra or surplus goods including second-hand furniture items.

Customers receive tailored orders from SWAP, which are then delivered right to their front doors. As a result, clients do not need to worry about shopping for branded vintage furniture collections on a regular basis. When it comes to purchasing, selling, or exchanging any things they choose, SWAP helps to accommodate their clients with their instant services. 

A seller may use SWAP to sell unwanted or second-hand furniture collections or even a single piece at any convenient time and place. SWAP enables their customer to take a number of payment options, including cash and several digital forms of payment.

Benefits of Buying Second-Hand Furniture

No matter where you purchase your desired second-hand furniture, it is very essential to maintain them as they have already witnessed much usage. As a result, you will be benefitted and think it is a worthy purchase.

Here are some of the following benefits that you will definitely enjoy if you purchase second-hand furniture online.

1. It Aids the Economy of Your Community

A strong local economy equates to a healthier, more prosperous community. When you shop locally, you are reinvesting money into your social environment.

The majority of the time, many individuals purchase furniture before moving to and settling in another country within a short period of time.

These folks frequently own fine furniture, which they decide to offer for sale at a discount. If you find these and buy them, you will not only get nice furnishings for yourself but you’ll also be assisting these folks in reaching their objectives. You actively contribute to the prosperity and economics of your neighborhood.

2. Eco-friendliness and Sustainability Are Also Important Considerations

No more resources are needed when you purchase used furniture. There will be less pollution and better sustainability with less output. Utilizing secondhand or used furniture helps the environment little by little.

Both wood and steel furniture disposal is not very good for the environment. Reusing products lowers trash and recycling costs while also increasing your chances of finding a product with a strong inherent worth.

3. Variety

The amazing furniture things that are out there ready to be eliminated but deserve better, objects that can keep up with your exceptional drive to stand out, may astound you.

Searching for secondhand furniture presents an exciting opportunity to find genuinely unique or uncommon furniture items unless you don’t want a sofa that is exactly like your neighbors’ or friends’ sofas or any other item.

4. High-Quality Second-hand Furniture

This piece of furniture appears to be used, although it has really been around for a while. A quality piece of furniture ought to last for many years.

Old furniture with the aroma of unfinished wood lost textures, and clean, original designs are works of beauty. Your ability to spot these classic objects and start a collection undoubtedly demonstrates your taste in elegant opulence.


Before making any decisions on whether to purchase new or used furniture, you should determine your specific goals. If your objective is to create a nice and comfortable atmosphere, you will be able to reach your intended goal clearly by purchasing second-hand furniture and making a significant contribution to the economy of Bangladesh. You may always get in touch with us if you have any queries.

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