Top 10 Security Guard Companies in Bangladesh

Top 10 Security Guard companies in Bangladesh

Security firms are one of Bangladesh’s most prominent industries. These companies must meet certain criteria in order to be mentioned among the top ten security guard companies in Bangladesh. People hire security companies to safeguard their belongings and businesses.  As the demand for security professionals has grown, various security companies have sprouted up in Bangladesh.

Max Secure Ltd is Bangladesh’s leading security firm. This website provides vital and pertinent information about the top security guard companies in Bangladesh. You will also be provided with all corporate details.

List of Top Security Guard Companies in Bangladesh

  • Max Secure Ltd.
  • G4S Security Service
  • Elite Force
  • Kingwon Securicor Ltd.
  • Integrated Security Services Ltd.
  • Orion Security Services Limited
  • Safeco 24×7 Security Services Ltd.
  • Sentry Security Services Ltd. and the Training Center
  • HRS Group BD
  • Care Force Security Services

Top 10 Security Guard Companies in Bangladesh

The elements given below will provide you all the knowledge you need about the best security guard company in Bangladesh. This will also help you choose the service that best matches your needs.

1. Max Secure Ltd.


Phone Number: +880 1615-551551

Max Secure Ltd offers 100+ highly experienced ex-defense officers, 5000+ personally designed and trained guards, a variety of services, a specialized security control room, and a huge administration team that provides strong back-and-end support. This team is ready to assist you with all of your documentation and compliance needs.

Max Secure Ltd. is concerned with your comfort and enjoyment in addition to security. As a result, Max Secure offers supplemental security services such as drivers, cleaners, peons, and other equipment.

Their organization places a premium on simplicity and dedication.  They are eager to serve you with efficiency, commitment, and strength. Their dedicated security team can improve communication, awareness, fire protection, theft prevention, and physical presence to provide you with the assurance you need to live the life you want.

2. G4S Security Service

G4S Security Service

Phone Number:
+880 9606001100

G4S is the world’s largest security solutions company, specializing in outsourced security solutions to monitor and protect enterprises against potential dangers and attacks.

It established its presence in Bangladesh in 1998 with the purpose of offering high-quality, world-class security services to a developing, security-conscious market. Over the previous 23 years, G4S Bangladesh has swiftly expanded, employing over 13,500 individuals and serving the security needs of around 1000 clients across the country. G4S Bangladesh is ISO 9001:2015 certified and offers a variety of solutions to a wide range of organizations.

3. Elite Force

Elite Force

Phone Number:

Elite Force has been a security industry pioneer and pacesetter for over a decade. Since its foundation in 1999, Elite Force has developed significantly, and it presently has over 20,500 members dispersed across every major area of Bangladesh. Their security staff are spread across the country.

In terms of people, organizational setup, management, and rapid response, Elite Force is the greatest security business in Bangladesh.

Elite Force is a dynamic and adaptable security organization that has transformed the Security Guard Services market in Bangladesh by implementing responsive, effective, and highly efficient strategies, techniques, and tactics. They work hard to instill customer service in our guards, operations, and management.

4. Kingwon Securicor Ltd.

Kingwon Securicor Ltd.

Phone Number:
+88 01914 444306

Kingwon Securicor Ltd is a renowned security services company in Bangladesh. To fulfill the country’s rising security needs, it offers complete security and logistical service solutions.

Kingwon Securicor Ltd protects people, places of business, financial institutions, and society. They offer a wide range of security services to help people and society meet their security demands in a simple and cost-effective manner.

On November 30, 2008, Kingwon Securicor Ltd began its long and laborious journey under the capable leadership of ex-military commanders and men who worked relentlessly to get the company to a level where it could compete with established security organizations.

5. Integrated Security Services Ltd.

Integrated Security Services Ltd.

Phone Number:
+88-02 41040060

Integrated Security Services Ltd. has about 7500 security officers deployed around the country, with offices in some of Bangladesh’s major cities/towns. Chattorgam, Sylhet, Khulna, Bogura, Cumilla, Rajshahi, and Barishal are among these cities. They are really delighted to announce that we provide services to 12 banks (250 branches and ATMs), including world-renowned financial organizations such as Hongkong and Shanghai Financial Corporation. Over 400 international corporations have used their services as of today.

In accordance with their expansion and modernization policy, they have also implemented cash-carrying activities for their clients, particularly banks and international corporations, in their constructed cars with armed guards and centrally managed mobile communication networks.

6. Orion Security Services Limited

Orion Security Services Limited

Phone Number:
+88 017 88993030

Orion Security Services Limited is a company that provides security services. It has 13 years of experience in the private security market. Orion has been able to achieve continuous growth and secure its position as one of the country’s leading private security organizations due to its professionalism, hard work, and high ethical standards.

Over 5500 individuals are currently employed by multinational enterprises, international assistance agencies, banks, and corporate houses. This organization has 61 district offices and four regional offices in Bangladesh. Orion has an unblemished record for supplying clients with high-quality services.

7. Safeco 24×7 Security Services Ltd.

Safeco 24×7 Security Services Ltd.

Phone Number:
+880 1911 30 73 26

Safeco Security Services Ltd officers have all been cleared by their respective police stations and are known to their respective area commissioners. They have complete public liability and workers’ compensation insurance. Their entire team has received firefighting, first aid, and current occupational health and safety training.

They have implemented a Quality Management System that is tailored to the specific needs of each business partner rather than a generic approach. Various initiatives are undertaken in collaboration with their business partners, ranging from “Core Competencies” modules, which include identified effective areas, standards required, standards achieved, and corrective action, to “Mystery Guest” auditing, which entails independent consultants auditing and submitting scorecards.

8. Sentry Security Services Ltd. and the Training Center

Sentry Security Services Ltd. and the Training Center

Phone Number:
(+8802) 22336 8800

Since 1995, Sentry Security Services Ltd has been a prominent provider of security services in Bangladesh. The core of their services is their quickly developing goodwill and reputation, which they have gained by delighting clients through highly devoted, well-organized management and skilled security employees.

 Their company’s main asset is a group of professional retired armed forces personnel who work and supervise services around the clock to ensure the smooth running of the organization. The deployment of over 5000 highly trained guards bearing the SSSL flag has extended across the country in 64 districts. Field Inspectors and Supervisors are chosen by a group of retired military and police mid-level leaders.

9. HRS Group BD

HRS Group BD

Phone Number:

HRS Group BD was founded in 1995 with the express intention of supplying competent security people to a wide range of industry sectors. They have successfully maintained their path with over 200 clients and 1000+ security professionals since that year, establishing themselves as Bangladesh’s leading security firm.

They provide security services such as a lady guard, supervisor, bodyguard or weapons bodyguard, and cash service. There are also Human Resource Services and Security Equipment offered.

10. Care Force Security Services

Care Force Security Services

Phone Number:  

Care Force Security Services Ltd is the largest security service company in Dhaka, Bangladesh. They have supplied protection to industrial, commercial, non-profit, and professional groups and agencies throughout the state for the past 20 years. They are licensed, insured, and qualified, and each security specialist has been thoroughly screened to guarantee that they comply with all state standards.

First, they gather the necessary documents and have them reviewed by their own employees. Care Force Security Service Ltd provides professional training sessions following the first selection. Finally, they complete the final phase while adhering to all security regulations.


Security guards are needed in a variety of settings, including special events, commercial and retail businesses, and residential areas. Most criminals are deterred by their looks, but some go above and beyond. We trust this information has assisted you in locating the best security firms in Bangladesh.

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