How To Make Perfume Last Longer?

How To Make Perfume Last Longer

We all want to smell nice all day, but we often observe that our perfume starts to wear off around midday. This is because you are applying your perfume incorrectly, and yes, as surprising as it may sound, there is a correct and incorrect methods to apply perfume. If you are the type of person who spends the majority of their day away from home and dislikes carrying the bottle with you everywhere you go, use these techniques to help your fragrance last longer. Here you can know how to make a perfume last longer.

Who wouldn’t want to scent nice all day? While wearing your favorite fragrance can be beneficial, you may have observed that many perfumes fade by lunchtime. This is most likely due to incorrect scent application. Most people are unaware that there are best practices for applying scent, many of which extend the life of perfume. Unfortunately, storing your perfume in the restroom or on a display shelf is also not a good idea. In this section, we’ll go over some guidelines and best practices for getting the most out of your perfume, both for wearing and storing it.

How To Make Perfume Last Longer?

Now you can get the best perfume price in Bangladesh for last longer perfumes. Here are mentioned some effective ways to make a perfume last longer.

1. Apply to Pulse Spots

There is a practical reason why we apply perfume to our pulse spots (such as the insides of your wrists and elbows, behind your ears, on your neck, the back of your knees, and so on): According to famous makeup artist Rosie Johnston, founder of by/rosie jane, the skin is thinnest at those places because it is closest to your blood and body heat. The aroma process starts as the fragrance warms.

Cat Chen, creator of the clean fragrance brand Skylar, elaborates: “Your pulse points are all like little radiators,” she says to mbg. “The warmth aids in the diffusion of the fragrance.”

2. Avoid Rubbing Your Hands Together

When you apply the fragrance to your pulse points, it may feel natural to rub your wrists or elbows together to blot it away. (especially if your skin feels pretty damp). However, Chen and Johnston both counsel against it. “It just makes the top notes burn off a little faster,” says one perfume expert.

If you want to blend two fragrances together or blot away some of the juice, tap your wrists together instead of generating friction. You can also dab your wrist up your arm, onto your neck, or anywhere else you want to deposit fragrance without interfering with its longevity.

3. Spray Your Heart With Water

Because applying perfume to your pulse points allows the scent to radiate, why not apply it where your pulse is strongest? “You can smell it a lot if you have [fragrance] in your heart,” Chen explains. “The fragrance will ascend; your heart will function as a diffuser.

Chen also suggests using fragrance to set intentions: “You can get ready for the day by putting fragrance at your heart, which is linked to how you feel,” she says. Then, whenever you catch a whiff of that fragrance emanating from your heart’s center, you’ll be reminded subtly of those goals.

4. Avoid Rubbing Your Wrists Together

That easy action you’ve seen in movies or at your grandmother’s vanity table as a child has been proven incorrect; it actually works against the fragrance’s longevity. The rubbing actually breaks down the chemicals in your smell, hastening its decomposition and loss of fragrance.

5. Fragrances Layered

This is an interesting way to extend the life of your perfume; start with a heavier fragrance, then spritz a lighter one that ties into the notes of the heavier one immediately after. The first dissipates and mingles with the second, which arrives later; sort of like a perfume after party. You can that kind of perfume in the top perfume center in BD.

6. Spritz After Taking a Wash

A quick Google search may yield the following cunning little hack: Spritz on perfume immediately after a shower because the steam helps the fragrance open up. Chen and Johnston both endorse this advice for the following reasons: “Your skin and body temperature are high when you get out of the shower,” explains Johnston. (and we know that heat helps diffuse the fragrance). Furthermore, your skin is clean and free of sweat and excess oil, which can act as a buffer for the scent. “Your pores are open, and your skin is naturally hydrated from the water—and hydrated skin holds fragrance,” Johnston explains.

7. Properly Store Your Perfume

It all begins with proper storage; keep your perfumes on display on a dressing table in direct sunlight, and they’ll deteriorate over time. Keep them in their original boxes and in a cool, dark place to preserve their strength, which correlates to them lasting longer when worn.

8. Keep Your Skin Hydrated

Hydrated skin is beneficial for a variety of reasons, but if you needed another reason, consider this: “Hydrated, moisturized skin will hold fragrance a lot longer,” says Johnston.

Let’s say you prefer a nighttime rinse but want your morning fragrance to last all day; you don’t have to get in the shower to help your perfume last longer. “A body oil, body lotion, or balm to hydrate will also help the fragrance last longer,” Chen adds. Simply apply your preferred product to the regions you want to spritz (or all over your body), and the splash of moisture should help the perfume leave a stronger trace.

9. Layer Your Perfumes

Layering scented body oil and/or lotion under your perfume can intensify the smell and keep your skin hydrated, making both aromas last longer. Some brands will even sell a body oil and perfume duo for this purpose, but you can always choose separate products with complementary scents.

If you prefer, you can add your perfumes: “When various scent notes collide, you get a more robust collection of top, middle, and bottom notes. “It definitely helps the fragrance last longer,” Chen says. (However, she advises layering no more than three perfumes, as they will begin to smell very alike.)


Experts have a plethora of clever tactics for extending the life of your fragrance; it’s all about knowing your notes, scent profiles, and layering techniques. When all else fails, remember that you’re probably more accustomed to your signature scent than others. Other people are not surrounded by your fragrance, so they can smell it much stronger than you can. So don’t douse yourself in juice just to make it last longer. In the perfume center, you can get all the authentic perfumes which go last longer.

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