Top 10 Car Dealers in Bangladesh

Car dealers in Bangladesh

Buying a car may be a stressful experience for consumers, and it is an essential purchase. Some automobile customers come prepared with a wish list of items, while others know exactly what type and model they want. Regardless of their condition, most customers want a durable and safe vehicle that is within their price range.

That is why we have prepared this article to help you find out the top 10 car dealers in Bangladesh.

Why Should You Make Your Purchase Through a Car Dealer?

Purchasing a car is a significant financial commitment. One of the deepest concerns of acquiring a vehicle from a private seller is the potential for fraud. When you buy a car from a dealership, you are not only able to inspect and test drive the vehicle in a secure setting, but you are also certain that your transaction will be legal.

A dealership will provide you with a variety of alternatives as well as the opportunity to evaluate and test-drive numerous models from various manufacturers. Dealers will provide you with a guarantee as well as supplementary warranties and insurance options.

Dealers will provide you with a guarantee as well as supplementary warranties and insurance options. Car dealerships are also required by law to ensure that the automobiles they sell are not stolen. They also ensure that there are no past unresolved financial arrangements on the car.

Dealers will be able to provide you with financing alternatives as well as resources such as the useful affordability calculator to help you determine if you can afford your selected vehicle. Your dealer will also be able to handle all of the essential paperwork to provide a pleasant and stress-free car-buying experience.

Top 10 Car Dealers in Bangladesh

1. Vivid Automobiles

Vivid Automobiles

Phone Number:

Vivid Automobile is a  brand that puts customer service first. Quality at every point of contact with their clients is equally important to them. They will provide you with the best service if you are looking for brand-new cars. They do not sell used or second-hand cars, so you can rest assured about the quality of the cars. They bring Toyota, Honda, Mazda, and many other on-demand brands in Bangladesh now, so if you are looking for a car for yourself, you can trust them with the quality and price.

They executed the most enticing, flexible, and modern multi-purpose Car Dealer theme for a range of businesses in the automotive world from car dealers, and car resellers to mechanic workshops and auto motor retailers.

2. Sal Sabeel Cars

Sal Sabeel Cars

Phone Number:

Established in the recent past in the year 2000. Sal-Sabeel has since then tried to serve its customers with Diligence and Honesty. They believe business is not just for profit but for piety. Their core business is importing JDM vehicles from Japan and distributing them through our sales network in Bangladesh. They are also incorporated in imports & sales of High-End European vehicles.

They are looking forward to serving you with a wide range of choices to fulfill your taste in automobiles and provide you with the latest additions in the automobile world.

3. Auto Museum LTD

Auto Museum LTD

Phone Number:
01718 388292

Auto Museum Ltd. started its journey in 1991. From the beginning, importing the highest quality cars has been the top priority. The showroom represents the luxurious collection of the most popular brand-new and reconditioned cars. Circumference of the business is increasing day by day and helped to become an icon in the car dealership business in Bangladesh.

Auto Museum Ltd. has been working endlessly to create a self-indulgence lifestyle for car enthusiasts. Prioritizing to fulfill commitments toward clients is the only goal-oriented objective of the company. From the start to till date, the team carries the original passion, to serve customers with luxurious cars which inspire their lifestyle and alluring personality. Customers dream about it, the team works to make it for them.

4. Car Selection

Car Selection

Phone Number:
+88 01843-774029

With a new vision in the vehicle trade, Car Selection started its journey in the year 1997. Quality that customers always looking for, and they are concentrating on that. Now, they are one of the biggest Automobile importers, whole-sellers, and retailers in this country consisting of three showrooms. They have some honest, energetic, skilled, hard laborious, and helpful staff to serve customers at their best.

They import vehicles from world famous company Cross Continent Corporation, Japan and buy the best quality, good condition, and graded cars from USS and I-AUC Auctions and all other reputed auctions of Japan, that’s why they can meet customer demand and desire easily, so, Car Selection has the best collection in Bangladesh.

5. Fair Automobiles

Fair Automobiles

Phone Number:

With a new vision in the vehicles trade Fair Automobiles started its journey in the year 2012. They have since then tried to serve its customers with Diligence and Honesty.

Fair Automobile is a name proud of its established reputation for integrity, first-class customer service, competitive pricing, and complete transparency. They specialize in offering clients the best deals for the highest quality brand new and recondition cars.

 They are proud to be a member of the Bangladesh Reconditioned Vehicles Importers & Dealers Association (BARVIDA-1520).

Fair Automobiles Bangladesh is a trusted name synonymous with outstanding service in Bangladeshi Automobile Industry.

6. Continental Motors

Continental Motors

Phone Number: +880188 6000 600

Continental Motors is a premium luxury car importer that aims to serve those who truly appreciate luxury automobiles. They primarily import high-end cars of the highest grades. Currently, the organization proudly holds around 60 percent of the European car market share in Bangladesh. Working closely with some of the biggest names among the automobile manufacturers in the world, they offer the best selection and also the most extensive customization options. They also have the necessary software, training, and technical know-how to provide full-service support for all European manufacturers through the workshop. This makes Continental Motors the only luxury high-end automobile importer in Bangladesh that provides a full warranty on all vehicles imported with complete technical capacity.

7. NB Cars BD

NB Cars BD

Phone Number:

NB CARS BD helps those people, who want to buy their dream cars of their own choice via Japan Auction or Stock, from Japanese suppliers. If you are also this type of person then you can connect with them and grab this opportunity. Whenever you will buy using their platform you will get authentic information at and lower price, with no limitations, and the freedom of buying your own choice.

This platform is providing you the facility of buying reconditioned and used cars too From NB CARS BD.

8. Maven Autos

Maven Autos


Maven Autos help and assist customers to buy the vehicle of their choice directly from ‘Japan Live Auction’ according to their requirement, breaking the traditional barrier where customers had to choose from specific vehicles available in stock.

The benefit is that customers will save money compared to other retailers as well as quality will be ensured. They also offer a dedicated service center for regular maintenance of the purchased vehicle. They ensure the best quality vehicle at a reasonable possible price.

 They also work accordingly to the customer’s requirements.

9. Car Dealer LTD

Car Dealer LTD

Phone Number:  
+88 01886 001 770

Car dealer LTD imports reconditioned and Brand new vehicles from Japan and other countries. They are truly passionate about cars and this is how it all started. Their Journey started in 2018, and since then they have helped more than 500 customers to buy their dream cars.

Over the years they have learned how to source the best quality cars from around the world. Initially, they only imported our cars from Japan. Now they are also importing cars from different European countries. They hold one of the largest vehicle stock collections in Bangladesh.

They are on a mission to help customers to choose the right and quality vehicle by offering them a free consultation, car reviews, authentic information, a wide range of vehicle selections, and finally quality vehicles.

10. HSB Cars

HSB Cars

Phone Number:
+880 1686296509

HSB Car is one of the pioneer companies for reconditioning and used cars sale in Dhaka, Bangladesh. They started their journey in the automotive industry in 2009 and they are located in the heart of Dhaka city.

The demand for used cars is very high in Bangladesh. The main reason is a reasonable price. Anyone can afford it within their budget. They always want to offer a budget-friendly vehicle for customers. Since their first entry into the market, they have been growing with excellent service, good condition cars, and our solid systems. Their customers can select cars by using their website.

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A dealership will allow you to test drive several models from various manufacturers. That is why, if you want the best chance of discovering your ideal automobile, going via a dealer is the way to go. We have analyzed the top ten car dealers in Bangladesh in this article to assist you to find the best one for you and save you time. Hope this article was helpful to you.

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