Biography of Sajid Amit

Biography of Sajid Amit

Successful investment banker, strategist, researcher, and academician Sajid Amit has made a considerable impact on Bangladesh’s corporate and educational sectors. Sajid has established himself as a recognized authority in his domains thanks to his strong professional history and successful track record. The biography of Sajid Amit is give you a clear view of his entire life.

Sajid has shown to be an expert in supporting entrepreneurship, advancing organizational development, and forming the minds of future business leaders in his roles as the Director at the Center for Enterprise and Society and the Director of the EMBA program at the University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB).

Early Life and Education

Sajid Amit, who was born and educated in Bangladesh, has always had a strong interest in business and education. He started his academic life at Scholastica. After completing his secondary education, he pursued his Bachelor’s degree in History and minor in Economics from Dartmouth College. He honed his skills in management, finance and marketing when he pursued his M.A in International Economic History of Asia & Africa. He got his PhD from Columbia University, New York where he was a Richard Hofstadter Faculty fellow.

His academic experience provided a strong basis for his future ambitions and prepared him for an amazing career.

Career and contributions

In Sajid Amit’s work life, he has focused on bringing about constructive change in the corporate world while maintaining a strong dedication to academic achievement. Sajid, who is currently the Center for Enterprise and Society’s Director, is essential in advancing entrepreneurship, innovation, and sustainability.

His dedication to bringing about good change has inspired a variety of team initiatives that deal with critical social and economic concerns.

Under his leadership, the Center has developed into a focal point for encouraging entrepreneurial talents, doing research on social and business concerns, and working in fruitful partnerships with corporate and governmental leaders.

Sajid is employed at both the Center for Enterprise and Society and the University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB), where he also serves as director of the prestigious EMBA program. In his efforts to create a dynamic learning environment for his pupils, he demonstrates his passion for education and academic performance.

Under Sajid’s direction, the EMBA program has developed into a top-tier educational platform, noted for its demanding curriculum, industrial connections, and emphasis on hands-on learning opportunities.


Sajid also serves as a Senior Advisor at Bangladesh, where he is essential to the growth and development of the business. His strategic and financial acumen have fueled Tala’s ambition to advance financial inclusion and offer cheap loan solutions to millions of underprivileged people in Bangladesh.

He has been in charge of KPMG’s global offices in the US, UK, and EU’s research activities. Additionally, from 2012 to 2013, he received back-to-back research honors from Morgan Stanley Investment Management and BlackRock (UK) Advisory Ltd. He also received the Outstanding Performer of the Year Award from KPMG India (2009), the Richard Hofstadter Faculty Fellowship from Columbia University (2007), the South Asia Institute Research Award from Columbia University (2006), and the Vivian B. Allen Foundation Scholarship from Dartmouth College (2000-2004). Last but not least, Credit Suisse in New York chose him as one of the twenty-five Global Leaders under twenty-one.

Sajid Amit has implemented several large projects for the British High Commission in Dhaka, Canadian High Commission, USAID and the US State Department.

Sajid Amit has been a vocal supporter of a corporate strategy that integrates social and environmental responsibility with financial success throughout his career. He has actively pushed corporate social responsibility projects within firms because he is adamant that businesses can be potent agents of change. He significantly contributed to the development of a new generation of socially aware business leaders and entrepreneurs by highlighting the value of moral behavior and environmentally friendly company strategies.

Sajid Amit’s Journey from Abroad to Bangladesh

Sajid Amit’s journey from abroad to Bangladesh

Sajid Amit was away from Bangladesh from 2000-2010. He had lived in New Hampshire, New York, London and Delhi those 11 years. He moved back to Bangladesh in 2011. Sajid Amit saw that so many of his close ones or people he knew like his friends, colleagues were migrating to faraway countries. He didn’t understand what was the appeal to it. He always wanted to do something in his own country where he can bear witness and contribute to a great story of growth.

When he moved back in 2011, the economy was holding up better and better. Despite the stock market meltdown, he had the ideal opportunity to study in the aftermath. His initial position was supplying research, information, and investment guidance to international institutional investors in the Dhaka Stock Exchange, which eventually led to a senior position in sales. Overall, it was a very thorough introduction to Bangladeshi commerce and society.

Because the benefits of Sajid Amit’s work, education, and experiences were going to a society and nation that had already “advanced,” and because the difference he was seeking to make was relatively minor when compared to the difference he could make over the course of a career in Bangladesh, he never got used to this. He actually experienced a sinking, unsatisfied feeling as a result of it. In the meantime, Bangladesh was not only not syncing—to continue the sea metaphors—but was also riding a wave that might elevate untold millions of people.

He doesn’t miss the good life abroad as long he can travel a few times a year but the reason he chose to stay in Bangladesh. There are many reasons, according to him, that made him come back to this country.


The biography of Sajid Amit reveals a remarkable person whose knowledge, insight, and commitment have had a lasting influence on Bangladesh’s economic and educational sectors. Sajid has led projects that encourage entrepreneurship, empower students, and advance ethical business practices in his roles as the Director of the Center for Enterprise and Society and the Director of the EMBA program at ULAB.

His reputation as a renowned leader in business and academics has been cemented by his dedication to quality, his love of learning, and his desire for social change. Sajid Amit is still motivating and empowering others, establishing a lasting legacy for future generations.

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